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Industrial Paint Spraying

Once all of the preparation has been completed to the Brickwork, steelwork, and Cladding, we can offer a complete on site Industrial Paint Spraying Service.

  • Large Warehouses or Industrial Units – Internal and External Walls, Cladding, Floors, Roof Steels and Anti Graffiti Coatings.
  • Steel work and Metal work - Structural Steel work, Bridges, Railings, Large Gates, Skips, Chassis, the list is endless.
  • Tennis Courts - Prepared and Sprayed in single or 2 tonne colour schemes and then white lined.
  • From Emulsions and Single Pack paints to Heavy Duty Industrial Coatings and 2 Pack paints.

Saving you time and money we can apply any Industrial coating to any surface using the following methods.

Airless Spraying

This is a large Industrial Pump Action petrol or electric Unit which pumps paint up a paint line to the spray gun and is then forced out of a Spray Tip once the trigger is pulled by the Spray Painter. large areas can be sprayed at a considerable rate and a lot faster than a roller or paint brush.Overspray is minimal, and with various tip sizes and up to 3300 P.S.I. of pressure, any Industrial finish can be achieved.

Conventional Spraying

Using either a Pressure vessel or a hand held spray gun, and running both systems with compressed air, a smooth finish to metalwork can be achieved.

The industrial paints that can be used with this system are more limited than with the Airless System, but a better finish can be achieved as you have more control over the paint / air mix on smaller items that are being painted, for example railings and gates.