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Grit Blasting | Sand Blasting - Wet or Dry

Grit Blasting or Sand Blasting as it sometimes known as, is a form of cleaning using high pressure air from a compressor and an angular grit (sizes vary from ultra fine to course), being forced down a Blast Hose and out of a nozzle directed at the article being cleaned. This is when the experience of the operator comes into operation as the air pressures and the grit size needed are correct, otherwise damage can be caused to the article or the underlying substrate being cleaned.

Some of the surfaces that are Grit Blasted | Sand Blasted

  • BRICKWORK AND STONEWORK - General cleaning and paint removal. Precautions have to be adhered to due to the make up to the underlying substrate. In a dust sensitive area or the necessity to keep the dust levels down whilst cleaning brickwork, stone or concrete, we can connect a water injector into the grit / air flow in order to keep the dust levels to a minimum.
  • CONCRETE - General cleaning, paint removal and exposure of the aggregate. Either for aesthetics or adhesion.
  • RENDER and PEBBLEDASH - Removal of old paint work and general cleaning. Usually for re-rendering or re-painting.
  • STEELWORK - Removal of old paint and rust depending on the cleanliness required ready for painting from Sa 2 through to Sa 3.
    • Sa 2 is a thorough Blast Clean with most of the Mill Scale, rust and foreign matter removed.
    • Sa 2.5 is a very thorough Blast Clean with all the Mill Scale, rust and foreign matter removed with just a faint staining of spots and stripes left.
    • Sa 3 Blast Cleaning to a pure Grey Metal with no Staining.

Note - a primer has to be applied to the cleaned metal work within 4 hours of Grit Blasting to stop oxidisation.

  • OLD WOODWORK / OAK - Sympathetic cleaning of old beams and wood panelling. The careful removal of coatings, staining, dirt, grime and general old age using a very soft powder media and very low air pressures.
  • NEW OAK - Removal of black cut marks, water staining, hand prints, general dirt and grime contaminating the wood during the new build. Using a fine abrasive, the wood is cleaned to a good uniformed light appearance with the grain of the wood being slightly exposed.

Environmental | Health & Safety

There is a problem with SAND Blasting and the problems with Health and Safety and Silica Dust from the Sand. We do not use Sand due to the Health problems and the dust risk to other people on site.

Due to the traditional Grit Blasting Media used before having its roots in the metal smelting industry and containing a high level of heavy metals in the particles, plus the necessity for the industry to import these grits from overseas, we now use as our main Grit Blasting / Sand Blasting media a recycled glass grit.

The recycled glass grit is free from heavy metals and all toxic contaminants and has no free silica, with grades from Ultra Fine to Course. This product benefits the freeing up of landfill space of glass bottles.